Sidon Soap Museum, Lebanon

Sidon Soap Museum, Saida

161 m

The Sidon Soap Museum is a museum located in the city Sidon. It traces the soap creation history in the area, its growth and built-up techniques. Visitors can perceive a demonstration of how traditional olive oil soaps are made and learn about the history of the "hammam" (bath) traditions. A chronological section of the museum introduces artifacts found during onsite quarry and which comprise the remains of clay pipe heads.

Opening time: Monday till Sunday from 8:30Am till 6:00PM

Sidon Sea Castle, Lebanon

Sidon Sea Castle, Saida

365 m

Sidon's Sea Castle was built in the 13th century as a stronghold on a small island linked to the mainland. In the past, the island was the site of a temple to the Phoenician version of Heracles. This beauty can be seen in old illustrations of it. It has been spoiled and renovated several times after bearing several wars. To some extent, it was ruined by the Mamluks when they took over the city from the Crusaders, but they afterward rebuilt it and added the long causeway.

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Opening time: Monday till Sunday 9AM to 12AM

Temple of Eshmun, Lebanon

Temple of Eshmun, Saida

3.4 km

The Temple of Eshmun is located near Awali river, 2 kilometers northeast old Sidon. The temple is a primeval house of worship dedicated to the Phoenician god of curing, Eshmun. It consists of a boulevard and a grand court limited by a massive sandstone terrace wall that ropes a huge platform .This shelter site has yielded many artifacts of value that provides valuable insight into the site's history. The Eshmun Temple was enhanced during the premature Roman Empire but was declined after earthquakes and fell into nothingness and its huge limestone blocks were used to build later structures. The temple site was rediscovered in 1900 by restricted fortune hunters .

Opening time: Monday till Sunday from 10AM till 6PM

Orchid Luxury Resort , Lebanon

Orchid Luxury Resort , Jieh

10.8 km

Going to the beach will no longer be the same! Orchid resort started a new concept in beach resorts that changed the beach experience in Lebanon and the region. 

A unique architecture and a customized construction give you the impression of privacy, luxury and relaxation.
Multiple options are available to satisfy each clientele needs:
-The Royal Huts: ideal for stylish celebration in a private Jacuzzi, wide sundeck, private wc and dressing and private sitting and dining area.
-Jacuzzi Huts overlooking the sea equipped with a private Jacuzzi and sundeck.
-The Martini Huts is a large private hut 30m2
Orchid a new lifestyle not to be missed!

Opening time: Monday to Sunday 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

Fees: 30.00

Marie Baz Museum, Lebanon

Marie Baz Museum, Deir El Amar

23.3 km

Take a walk through Lebanon's history at the suggestive the Wax Baz Museum in scenic Deir el Qamar. It features the country's most important figures in the nation's history. With each fleeting scene, visitors learn more about Lebanon and the remarkable events that shaped the nation's fortune. Wax figures include General Michel Aoun, Sitt Nazira Joumblatt, and Sheikh Pierre Gemayel.

Opening time: Monday till Sunday from 8AM till 7PM

Moussa Castle, Lebanon

Moussa Castle, Deir El Amar

24.8 km

It was built single-handedly by Moussa Abdel Karim Al-Maamari (born in July 27, 1931), a Lebanese visionary. It is the work of his life. He needed 60 years (21900 days and 394200 hours) of work.[1]

According to his biography, as a student, Moussa has always dreamed of building such a castle, and used to doodle his dream on pieces of paper in class. Moussa was not a very sharp student and his teacher Anwar[1] used to make fun of him and tell him: "You'll never accomplish anything." Moussa's crush, a Lebanese girl, used to say that she wants to marry a guy who owns a palace. Between 1951 and 1962, he prepared everything to fulfill his plan, including buying the land and paperwork.[1] In 1962, his work of life started: He built the castle and handcrafted each of its stones and clay animated figures representing different scenes of the old Lebanese village life of the 19th century,[1] making it a true work of a visionary and a masterpiece by all means.

Opening time: 9 AM to 7 PM

Fees: $10/pers